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 K-MASS  Intumescent Epoxy for Passive Fire Protection


 hydrocarbon and other process fires

of Critical Process Control Equipment from

Defining the standard for passive fire protection

Engineered Risk Management
Passive Fire Protection
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before the fire
char after fire
K-MASS protected electronics after fire
  • K-MASS is a uniquely formulated intumescent epoxy designed to be molded directly on Critical  Process Control Equipment (CPCE)

  • K-MASS has excellent flow properties that are ideal for molding processes. Molded directly on components or in a custom mold to make custom designed shells ideal for field installation

  • K-MASS provides superior insulation characteristics in high heat flux, rapid temperature rise hydrocarbon fires

 With Thermal Designs You Have A Choice

Directly Bonded
  • Proven K-MASS  performance
  • Directly Bonded on equipment
  • Tested to UL 1709 fire test curve and meets API 2218-5
  • No CUI....EVER
  • Maintains the flame path
  • Maintains explosion proof/ ATEX
Field Installed


  • Apply in the factory or the field
  • Ships in less than two weeks
  • Installs in less than 30 minutes
  • Proven K-MASS  performance
  • Tested to UL 1709 fire test curve and meets API 2218-5
  • Maintains the flame path
  • Maintains explosion proof/ ATEX
  • Simple Installation
  • Available for many actuators
  • Stocking locations in Houston, the UK and Canada
LimAct1 b.jpg
K-MASS DB  is an intumescent epoxy Directly Bonded to an actuator or valve allowing full access to all controls and instrumentation.
and Junction Boxes
K-Cabs Image A cropped corrected B.tif
K-CABS are custom designed and fabricated  K-MASS 
coated 304 stainless steel, instrument and electrical component cabinets.
K-MASS SP is a  collaboration between our experienced fire protection engineers and your team to provide a bespoke solution to your Passive Fire Protection (PFP) needs.
MX10BExpl1 A.jpg
 K-GUARDS® are custom designed PFP cast shells made of K-MASS that provide for field fitting onto existing CPCE.
K-MASS LITE is a field installable, PFP stainless steel enclosure which is coated with an expanded (open cell foam) version of    K-MASS and into a 304 stainless steele frame.
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