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K-MASS  FI (Field Installable)


K-MASS FI is a field installable version of our widely accepted and proven directly bonded K-MASS DB
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Limitorque MXb-10 No Cover.jpg
MXb-10 with K-MASS FI Cover Plug.jpg
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  • K-MASS FI provides the same premium fire protection as K-MASS DB.

  • While DB is molded onto the actuator housings and gearcase in our facilities, the FI is cover cast in our shop with custom molds to fit specific actuators. It provides the same level of fire protection as our well known DB, only with the convenience of being added to the actuator in an integration facility or in the field.

  • All flame-paths are maintained and ATEX compliance maintained.

  • Easy access features have been retained.

  • K-MASS FI is a field installable version of our widely accepted and proven K-MASS DB.

K-MASS FI also has the following advantages:
  • Can be installed  on fully operational equipment to meet UL 1709 standards.

  • Can be retrofitted on previously installed equipment.

  • Simple fitting with no need to dismantle the CPCE to fit  K-MASS FI.

  • Full access to equipment with no special tools required.

  • Doesn’t affect the flame paths on explosion proof actuators and the equipment

         ​ATEX approval is maintained.

  • Will last the life of the actuator if the paint integrity is maintained.

  • Small footprint for compact construction.

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