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K-CABS are custom designed and fabricated K-MASS® coated EN 1.4301 grade 304 stainless steel, instrument and electrical component cabinets. K-CABS are tested to provide a minimum of 30 minutes of protection in a 1093° C/ 2000° F hydrocarbon fire, (UL1709 fire test curve as per API 2218). 

K-CABS designs are extremely versatile and functional. Each is engineered to accommodate a variety of applications. We can work with your engineering team to provide  project specific enclosures designed to your specifications which will also simplify the process of fitting in the field.

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Don't Forget Connector Protectors!
Often the fire protection interface between enclosure and cable can be overlooked. Use our fully K-CAB compatible K-MASS® connector protectors to ensure operation of critical components in a fire.
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K-CABS and Junction Boxes

K-CABS and Junction Boxes are project specific stainless-steel enclosures directly coated with K-MASS®  intumescent epoxy and are used to protect sensitive controls for CPCE were signal and power are required for the safe shutdown of any given process.

Features, Options & Benefits
  • Available in any size or configuration to suit your project needs.

  • As standard: wall, stanchion and equipment mountings formats.

  • Also available in six standard sizes for quicker configuration and delivery.

  • EN 1.4301 grade 304 stainless steel fully welded construction and hardware.

  • Reinforced stiffened panel construction.

  • Electrical or pneumatic connections can be made using welded couplings, conduit hub type fittings, or pneumatic fittings.

  • Hinged or latched cover.

  • The cabinet is designed to NEMA-4X requirements.

  • Optional: Intumescent glass.

  • Passivated welds prevent long term corrosion.

  • Installation of hydraulic, pneumatic or electrical components.

  • Extended push buttons. Allows instant access to controls without opening.

  • Meets UL 1709 fire test curve for min 30 min.

  • Available as an ATEX approved version.

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