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Since 1979, Thermal Designs has been a leader in the development of intumescent epoxy for the hydrocarbon and chemical process industries. We have researched and tested numerous materials resulting in our current offering of Passive Fire Protection solutions. With sales and manufacturing facilities in Houston, USA and, UK, and Canada, we are prepared to meet your needs.

Oil and Gas - Downstream


For a long time, road and rail tunnels have been assessed for fire protection based on the materials which were likely to burn inside the tunnel. After investigations into several high-profile tunnel fires, it has been found that the heat energy involved far exceeded the level of fire protection in use. This has meant that the hydrocarbon epoxies PFP has become more relevant. It’s both about tunnel structures but also about protecting control and safety equipment in the tunnel.

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For an offshore oil & gas platform or rig, fire and explosions are the two biggest threats to safety, therefore specifying and choosing the right passive fire protection is imperative.  Considering the extreme environment it is exposed to and that in case of fire there’s nobody to call for intervention (as for example the city firefighters), effective PFP solutions and firefighting systems are vital. Thermal Designs’   K-MASS epoxy PFP solutions are light and present less wind resistance vs. similarly specified CPCE fireproofing solutions. 



In an ever-changing world, the move to green, renewable energy sources is a necessity for sustainability of our planet which offers some new challenges to the fire protection industry. No longer will pool fire (UL1709) be the industry standard with greater emphasis been given to cryogenic release and jet fire type scenarios. Our engineers are already involved with these challenges and are working with industry bodies to advance technology and understanding for these upcoming requirements.

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Marine (Offshore)


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