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About Thermal Designs®
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Our Goal

Thermal Designs is committed to producing the most effective passive fire protection for Critical Process and Control Equipment (CPCE) available. We offer a simple but important commitment to process safety and value which is unparalleled. Our 35 years of global expertise has focused on the protection of CPCE by working directly with OEMs to produce the best technical solutions.

Our Focus

Not all intumescent epoxies are the same. K-MASS has been designed specifically with CPCE in mind because this type of equipment fails at lower temperatures than structural steel. Our design and engineering team can provide a solution for even the most difficult

CPCE applications. 

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Industry Leading Technology

Our team of chemists continue to make major advancements in
intumescent epoxies technology. This has enabled us to produce
K-MASS, our intumescent epoxy which reacts quickly at specific temperatures to better protect CPCE.

Our Commitment to Facility Safety

Our class leading directly bonded intumescent epoxy K-MASS is designed with the utmost importance for plant safety.

No other product on the market is designed with so much inherent safety built in. You may want to ask yourself:

  • Is any fire protection good if it can be left off during maintenance or service of the equipment?

  • Is a computer model the same as a real-world fire test?

  • If fire protection promotes Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI), is that causing more problems than it’s solving?

  • If you must replace your fire protection every 10-15 years does that make it three times more expensive?


When safety and integrity is becoming so important in an industry that can’t tolerate any accidents or downtime, it is no longer “OK” for fire protection to just protect equipment from excessive heat. PFP for CPCE needs to add nothing to the already complex controls systems that exist in today’s cutting-edge plants. If there is a need to remove fire protection to operate or service equipment, opportunities for human error increases. When it comes to safety, our goal is about removing risks, not adding them.

We strive to be front runners in a marketplace that has no real certification. We work with leading industry bodies and the classification societies to improve the way that CPCE is tested. We are not only trying to improve our products, but we are trying to improve the standard for the whole industry by making Passive Fire Protection (PFP) safer industry wide.

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