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K-MASS  SP (Specialty Products)

K-MASS SP (Specialty Products) is a collaboration between our experienced fire protection engineers and your team to provide a complete solution to your PFP needs. We recognize you may encounter PFP needs that extend  beyond our standard product offering. Our in-depth understanding of PFP design and compliance with different test certifications will result in the solution you need.

We can work with your engineering department to provide a fire protection solution best fitted for your project. K-MASS SP can be both, directly coated or removable PFP.

KMASS SP 1.jpg
KMASS SP 2.jpg

We can design and fabricate custom made solutions for equipment exposed to high heat process temperatures (in excess of 85C/185F), where intumescent PFP can’t be used without CSP (Cold Spill Protection) solvent free product.

We can preserve the use of control and displays without compromising fire protection. Each solution can be tested by Thermal Designs and witnessed by a third party to comply with ANSI/UL1709.
KMASS SP 3.png
IMG_1834 Five_edited.png
Often the fire protection interface between enclosure and cable
can be overlooked. Use our fully K-CAB compatible 
K-MASS Connector Protectors to ensure operation of critical components in a fire.
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