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Since 1979, Thermal Designs® has been a leader in the development of intumescing Passive Fire Protection (PFP) products for the hydrocarbon and chemical process industries.  We have researched and tested hundreds of materials in the development of our current PFP solutions. With manufacturing facilities in Houston, Texas, USA and Wiltshire, England, UK we are prepared to meet your needs. Specifically:

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  • Were the first company to apply an intumescent epoxy coating to protect critical controls in a hydrocarbon fire. 

  • Were first to develop and produce our own moldable intumescent epoxy,               K-MASS, designed to protect critical controls in a hydrocarbon fire.

  • Our team of in-house chemists routinely perform product testing and quality assurance analysis to ensure the product is in compliance with our specifications.

  • All products are tested to comply with UL1709 specifications. 

  • We have in-house fire testing capabilities. 

  • Design and engineering capabilities including 2D and 3D design and 3D printing.

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History 3.jpg

1979        Thermal Designs is founded in Houston, Texas.

1985        Passes the first fire test of an intumescent epoxy

                  coated actuator in a hydrocarbon fire.

1988        Opens an office in western Canada.

1991         First K-MASS coated valve tested.

1991         Thermal Designs introduces its proprietary K-MASS

                   intumescent epoxy.

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History 5.jpg
1996       Thermal Designs opens in the United Kingdom.

1997        K-Mass Version 2 introduced.

1997         First K-MASS K-GUARD tested.

1998       New Company ownership and management.

2011        K-Mass  Version 3 introduced.

2013       K-Mass LITE® introduced.

2019       Increased testing capabilities by adding a

                 second,  larger furnace.

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