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K-MASLITE is a field installable, PFP stainless steel enclosure manufactured  by molding an expanded, open cell foam version of K-MASS into a 304 stainless steel frame.
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K-MASS LITE fireproof enclosures have been fire tested to ANSI/UL1709 fire test curve for 60 minutes and are designed to provide fire protection to valves, actuators, instrumentation, pumps, heat exchangers and any other CPCE.

K-MASS LITE fireproof enclosures are custom designed

removable PFP solutions. As a custom designed product, it can be manufactured in a variety of sizes while maintaining a basic square or rectangular shape. Panels are formed allowing process piping, actuator stem pipes, hand wheel shafts, etc. to protrude through the panel, allowing the enclosure to be installed around existing field equipment.

KMASS Lite 1.jpg
K-MASS LITE  Advantages
  • Tested to meet UL1709 standards for 60 minutes

  • Available in almost any size and is specifically designed and custom made for each project
  • All panels are independently removable so it’s easy to fit to the on-site equipment and then access for maintenance is greatly simplified

  • K-MASS LITE enclosures are designed with internal support structures, so no additional support structure is required

  • Unlike traditional fire boxes K-MASS LITE  can be drilled anywhere on the enclosure for pipes and tubes. All that is required is for any penetration to be sealed with mastic

  • If required, K-MASS LITE can be vented to prevent pressure build up from stem leaks 

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