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  K-GUARDS are a field installable PFP covers, custom designed and manufactured for field installation. Constructed from molded K-MASS and tested in compliance with the ANSI/UL1709 fire test curve, K-GUARDS allow the protected equipment to operate and survive for minimum 30 minutes when exposed rapid temperature rise, in excess of 1093°C/2000°F. Levers and wheels can be extended outside the covers to allow The equipment to be operated without removal of the PFP covers.

K-GUARD features and benefits


  • Exceeds the requirements of API 607 for valves

  • Can be installed on fully operational equipment to meet ANSI/UL 1709

  • Can be retrofitted on previously installed equipment

  • Can be fitted with fireproof glass/windows

  • Allows testing without removal of K-GUARDS

  • Easy maintenance access to the protected equipment because of split cover clam shell design

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