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K-MASS  DB   (Directly bonded)

K-MASS  DB  is Thermal Designs’ premium fire protection. K-MASS epoxy intumescent is the result of 40 years know-how and development. Uniquely it is the only passive fire protection designed to last the lifetime of the equipment. Our design also ensures that human error can be eradicated from the application and removal of PFP during the maintenance and operation of CPCE (Critical Process Control Equipment). more...


K-MASS - FI provides the same premium fire protection as K-MASS® DB.
While DB is molded onto the actuator housings and gearcase in our facilities, FI is cover cast in our shop to fit specific actuators. It will provide the same level of fire protection as our well established DB, only with the convenience of being added to the actuator in another facility or in the field. All flame-paths and easy access features have been retained.more...
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K-MASS LITE is a field installable, Passive Fire Protection stainless steel enclosure which is manufactured  by molding an expanded (open cell foam) version of K-MASS and  into a 304

stainless frame. more...

K-CABS® and Junction boxes

K-CABS are custom designed and fabricated K-MASS coated 304 stainless steel, instrument and electrical component cabinets. K-CABS are tested to provide a minimum of 30 minutes of protection in a 1093° C/ 2000° F Hydrocarbon Fire, The cabinet is designed to NEMA-4X standards, which allow for mounting of non-arcing or sparking electrical components and terminal strips within the cabinet.


K-CABS designs are robust and versatile. They are engineered to accommodate: space and access restriction, mounting requirements and piping and fitting arrangements for each application. K-CABS are all 300 series stainless steel construction and are available with a variety of closure and hardware options. more...

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K-MASS®  SP  (Special products)

K-MASS  SP  is a joint collaboration between our experienced fire protection engineers and your team to provide a bespoke solution to your unique Passive Fire Protection (PFP) needs. We recognize you may encounter  certain PFP needs that extend beyond our standard product offering. Our in-depth understanding of PFP design, and compliance with different test certifications will result in the solution you need. more...

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